1. Anna

    Thank you so much for developing this course. It’s well put together, consumable in small bites and really works well, with habits which are easy to pick up and maintain. Even if I let slip for a few days, I have the tools to recover. Just brilliant!

  2. Robyn

    The email ninja course has been the best system I have ever had to organise ALL my emails AND keep efficiency and productivity top of the list. I used to stress all day, every day about my emails and now I spend 5 – 10 minutes twice a day on them and one longer block of 3 -4 hours twice a week completing my actions. I am calmer at work and at home and feel in control. Thank you so much!

  3. Nigel McCulloch

    I’d be happy to recommend the Ninja course to anyone who deals with email – whether they think they’ve got it nailed or not…

  4. Alex

    This online courses is very easy and quick to follow. Really engaging and well presented!

    I have successfully implemented the Action, Waiting and Reading strategies, and trying my best to live out of the action folder!

    I had to A-bomb about 15000 emails into the archive and I am going through them bit by bit at regular times through the week. I think emails dated back to about 2004.

    For the first time in many years I have a clear inbox without hundreds of unread emails waiting for attention. Everything I receive now is at least scanned over and addressed in some form or another.

    The turning off notifications has certainly prevented the pop up distraction/immediate read of inbox emails, although I am finding 4 times a day isn’t enough to check the inbox and process new mail. The mail either banks up and takes an hour to process or I miss priority one emails that need acting on in a quick time frame. I have found every 15-30 mins i scan through and process easy deletions/high importants and then ensure a clean inbox every couple of hours using the folders and the 2 min rule – seems to work best for me.

    The poster is a great idea too – I have printed it out for a quick reminder of the process to keep my methods in check.

  5. Angela

    Wow, I can’t believe that within the last 2 days I’ve managed to get my inbox to zero and also feel more organised. Great, simple to implement strategies that are really making a difference – now to create the habit and keep my inbox to zero!

  6. Mikala Grosse

    I used to lie awake at night trying to recall the details of an important and time limited task that I vaguely remembered seeing in my overflowing inbox and had completely forgotten about.

    I would run around all day keeping ‘to do’ lists in my head (and on the back of my hand) and then walk into the supermarket after a stressful day at work and not be able to recall the three items I had gone to buy.

    Thanks to Dan and Tim, Email Ninja and List Assassin, I now sleep peacefully through the night, comfortably meet deadlines at work and manage to keep the kids, partner, house and dog organised and happy without working until all hours and teetering on the edge of insanity.

    And the best part is by getting organised and staying on top of things I have managed to make a little bit of space every morning just for me.

  7. Lyndel Churchill

    Tim and Daniel provide quality training that gives you the tools to take control of all of your commitments – not just work. Their teaching method is one in which each element is well-considered, intentional and precisely targeted – no superfluous Powerpoint slides for these guys!

    After completing Email Ninja and implementing the processing rules, I was experiencing “in-box to zero” every day and my boss commented she had never seen me smile so much. Once you have control of your in-box, instead of the other way around, you want that feeling to go further and List Assassin is the perfect next step.

    List Assassin provides the informational and philosophical foundation for developing and using your own trusted to-do list or system. You will be able to use your mind for thinking rather than remembering. Using your trusted to-do system means that you have everything recorded, you won’t forget things, you won’t spend time worrying about forgetting things. You will define the tasks to be completed and then you can choose where to put your attention.

    The investment in time to attend these courses is tiny, but the benefits for me have been extraordinary.

    I will continue to recommend Email Ninja and List Assassin to anyone who asks (and to some people who don’t).

  8. Pam Steele-Wareham

    Our Senior Executive team called in the Email Ninja program which changed our world. Tim and Dan showed us some simple practices that allowed us to get back in control of our emails and our time.

  9. Maryanne Young

    Email Ninja saved my sanity. I went from stressing about missed emails and feeling out of control to having an empty inbox and clear actions. It’s simple, it’s effective and it’s a game changer.